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Free 8051 Net Resources









Express PCB: R

Robotics Links

Simreal Links

Simreal Technical Refs

PCBExpress Links

PCB Companies

http://www.pcbexpress.com - $40/each for two 9 Sq In. boards

BoardWorks - Oakland. (510) 832-2228 mailto://boardworks@aol.com

Sierra Proto Express 2 Layer, 4 Days, $34 each board, No Touch promotion

special show offer page

www.4pcb.com - $33/each, min qty 3

List of PCB Makers and Another List

FeeDFM Review

FreeDFM™.com gives you a FREE Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review of your PCB design within minutes. Results are emailed to you immediately in an easy-to-use format complete with color photo details.



Parts Suppliers







Has a free evaluation emulator for 8051

http://www.grapesys.com/ : GRAphical Programming for Embedded systems

JSIm 8051 Freeware Simulator

Free Schematic and PCB Layout Tool

They also have a good price on proto boards

Resistor Markings

Voltage Regulators

A free gerber viewer

Electronics Links: http://www.eurosource.se/akhe/links.html

Press-n-Peel Blue Film

Xircon Passive Components A good place to get specs for resistors, caps

Farad Net Information about capacitors and distributors of caps

Morse Code Applet

Calculators for Everything

Capacitor Equations

Find Chips to search for chips online

Accept Online Payments with CCNOW

View Mate - Free Gerber Viewer

Gerber to PostScript Converter

Laserfilm is a utility which converts Gerber data into PostScript. It supports networked printers. Last updated: 04/06/1996 Size: 53K

Schmitt triggers, logic, and feedback Tutorial

Microchip PIC Eval Boards and Tools         Top       

Quick Writer

PIC Links

Super Simple PIC Programmer

PIC Programmer that supports most PIC microcontrollers from Microchip. $199 

Cybot - A simple robot based on the PIC16

PIC16 Tutorial

With links to programmers and software

8051 Eval Boards      Top      

New Micros 8051 Evaluation Boards: $39-140

$39 Board includes C, Forth, Basic, Assembler languages for free

$80 8051 Eval Board

$40 8051 Eval Board - MINI-MAX/51

8051 compatible Single board computer (SBC) based on ATMEL 89S family. Follow the links for a wide variety of low cost peripheral boards. 

$70 Mini-Max/51-C microcontroller system based on ATMEL AT89LS53. Also a wide variety of peripherals

$99 Pro-Max 51 8051-based microcontroller system

Yasmin: A free 8051 Simulator, and http://yasmin.sourceforge.net/

Last I checked, there seems to be a problem with the site.

Yasmin RPM Download Site

Software Development Tools
C Compilers, Assemblers, Simulators, Debuggers, Micro-IDE

Micro-controller boards and SBC's

Peripherals For MINI-MAX, PRO-MAX series boards or your own microcontroller boards

Mini-Max Sets

Low-cost Universal Device Programmers

EPROM Emulators
EconoROM, FlexROM, UniROM series low-cost emulators

Micro-Controller Emulators
PICE-51,PICE-196 and ClearView Mathias MCUs Emulators 

Temperature Sensors
Parallel port temperature sensor:ThermoPC

LCD Modules
Display modules with built-in I2C and RS232 communications

Misc        Top

Learning Embedded Micro Controllers

Small Device C Compiler (SDCC)

8051 Assembly Tutorial

Trove Software Map

Links - General

PcGenerator EpromProgrammer,Pic24C and more...
Needham Electronics - various device programmers, all sizes, all prices
- Dual 8051 board, ADCs and lots of I/O.
Systronix - Makers of the STEP and STEP+ for the DallasTINI board (a must see for embedded ethernet and Dallas 390's)
KD0YU.COM - Misc stuff, mirrors SDCC when it's not doing anything else. (Oct,2000 - Re-designed)
Microcontroller.com - Micros and Embedded stuff.
Not to be confused with microcontrollers.com (Arrow Electronics... what a joke!)
AES Micro - nice but a bit expensive, may be just what some one needs though.
RTP Micros - 2 very nice Phillips '552 boards with all the trimmings. Nice price too.
Karl Bongers has a start on a Summary/FAQ about SDCC. (*highly* recommended reading!)
Rabbit Semiconductor - Z-World based boards, very small and lots of I/O. Kits available.
FlexGate - '552 based boards with onboard ethernet. (German, not much on the web site yet)


Links - Code Sources

Goofee - Graphical Object Orientation, very different, very interesting. NOTE: Link updated Jan 6,2001
Programmers Heaven - 8051 resources, sample code and compilers
Carsten Groen, OZ9AAR - This looked interesting, a Dallas DS5000 to IDE Hard drive interface with C code.
Paul Stoffregen's Home Page - Home of PAULMON and other code snippets.
8052.COM - resources, sample code.


Links - Circuit Boards and EDA software

PC board HOWTO using Press & Peel Tech Film
Teckniks - makers of the Press-n-Peel transfer film.
CadSoft - makers of Eagle EDA software, download a free (somewhat restricted) version for Win32 or Linux.


Links - IC Data and Searches

The Chip Directory - Searchable web space for all kinds of semi's
DataSheetLocator - This is just the most fabulous web site I have been to in a long time. Need info? Go here!
ePanorama - interesting site for electronic information.


Links - Embedded Ethernet

Ethernut - a small embedded ethernet add-on for micros. Full internet node support. This is an open hardware and software project.
Werner Cornelius has a web page devoted to embedding the RealTek RTL8019AS ethernet controller chip into a microcontroller. Lots of small tips on wiring, what to do, and what not to do.


Links - LCD Stuff

T6963 controlled LCD panels (includes the Optrex DM-5000 series and others)

A couple of pictures of an lcd panel with a familiar phrase.
LCD picture 1 - full view Feb 15,2000 10:54:02 PM (133K jpg)
LCD picture 2 - close up Feb 15,2000 10:57:06 PM (139K jpg)
source written by Dave Helton, (compile with sdcc) (44K tar.gz format)







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